The theme for December Loot Anime was UNDERDOGS and it featured items from My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Saint Seiya and Batman and The Justice League! You can get the Loot Anime for January 2018 cheaper with code SAVE3 to get 3 dollars off your first box!

Items in this crate:

1. My Hero Academia 6.5” Deku Figure

I am suprised, because this is really an awesome looking figure and it is an amazing addition to every geek collector! The new-comming hero looks ready to save the world! And it is a great item because the anime is a hit worldwide so everyone would like to have a figure like this!

2. Saint Seiya Hat

This white and gold hat features Saint Seiya and it has Athena’s scepter as it’s main design. It looks very cool and you can wear it everyday wihout a doubt!

3. Batman and the Justice League Manga

In Teshirogi’s Batman and the Justice League, Gotham is ridden with a high crime rate and the Justice League fights against the villain coalition led by Joker. The story starts with the young boy Rui visiting Gotham City in order to look for his parents. Rui meets Batman and gets caught up in a strange fate.

4. Black Clover Shirt

T-Shirt features an anime series Black Clover that is currently airing and appears to be a worldwide hit. It has the show’s logo with the main character – Asta with a Blck Bull. Great shirt!

5. Loot Anime Poster

Cute poster illustrated by Renee Park. It really fits this month’s theme.