October’s theme for Loot Crate was Mythical and was meant to feature items from Ghostbusters, Buffy, Marvel (Thor), Stranger Things. And I think it is quite good box. Not the best one for sure but it is still worth the money for me. If you want to get your box cheaper, use the code SAVE3. Remember, LootCrate ships worldwide so you do not have to worry about anything. Geeks from all around the world, get it now! OK, let’s get to the box items.

  • The Box.

The box can be made into the Thor’s hammer, so it is pretty cool.

  • Booklet with highlights of the items and cool stories with pics of other Looters.

  • Dracula Pin with digital bonus Thor and Loki in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Pretty cool loking Pin.

  • T-shirt from Ghostbusters with the theme from the original movies. It has that 80’s feel to it, so it is pretty cool.

  • Stranger Things Diorama Figurecreated by artist J Salvador. It is pretty cool (not the best one for sure) but it is a cool concept and I want to see more of the artist figure lines.

  • Thor and Loki PhatMojo Figure.

  • “Mr. Pointy” Bookmark – cool poplar wood bookmark from great show – Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Even though it is not my favorite box of all time it is still very good. For sure it is worth of it’s price. I like the concept of figures from various artists because I feel that it might evolve into something special and unique that will get more and more value with time (so if you are a collector = good choice). I like the t-shirt. Thor figure is OK, nothing special. Overall, solid box but I hope for more in the following months. I would love to hear your opinions on this box or even on boxes yet to come so do not hesitate to comment.

images by mysubscriptionaddiction.com