Loot Crate October Spoilers 2017 + coupon

loot crate october spoilers

So this month’s theme for Loot Crate is Mythical. You can expect items from franchises such as Stranger Things, Marvel, Ghostbusters and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Check out what Loot Crate says about this crate:

You hear the stories, the whispers, of creatures and beings beyond imagination. Peer into the shadows and explore the legends in October’s truly MYTHICAL collection!


Like always, you can use our coupon code SAVE3 to save 3$ off your first Loot Crate box.

  • Figurine

In this crate, from what we know, we can expect NOT ONE, BUT TWO figurines! This is an amazing information. The first figurine is from Stranger Things and it looks just like on the pictures below, as for the second one, we have no idea, it can be ether Marvel or Buffy, or maybe something else? We shall wait and see.


  • T-shirt

As for this month’s tee, we have the confirmation that it will be 100% Ghostbusters original shirt. This means that it will be based on the old movies, which is an awesome news, since the new one was not so great. We have no pictures for you but we are sure that it will be epic. Maybe it will be one of the tee’s that glows in the dark?


  • MARVEL item

We have the confirmation that the MARVEL item for October’s Loot Crate will be something from THOR. We do not have any other information, so we are not sure if it might be figurine or something else.

This is all that we know as of right now. If you have any suggestions or maybe even confirmed information, hit us up in the comment section with your ideas on what we might see in the Loot Crate October 2017 crate. Again, you can order this crate with $3 discount coda SAVE3