January’s theme was Discover. If you want to order a Loot Crate for yourself you can do it by cliking this LINK and you can get $3 dollars of your first crate with the code SAVE3. Also there  is a SAVE 30% + a free We Love you Bundle if you order crates with code lovebundle!

Remember, the booklet is only online from this year and now we only get a basic information card.

1. LootPin – Westworld

Like every lootpin this one also gives you some extra cool stuff:

2. Rick and Morty T-shirt

AWESOME design and without a doubt the best t-shirt from LootCrate in a very long time (but I am a fan of the show so I might be not objective)

3. Westworld Diorama

Loot Crate Artist Series exclusive and a pretty nice Diorama for sure – I am not sure if it is better than the one from Stranger Things but still pretty cool.

4. Harry Potter Socks

A nice pair of a house sigil socks, a nice stuff for a HP fans.

5. X-Files Card Game

It is a card game with instruction to get you ready to play. It is pretty cool and for sure it is something original.