The theme for December Loot Crate was – Explore. It features items from Destiny 2, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and a mystery franchise. If you missed this box but want to give Loot Crate a shot and order new ones, use the code SAVE3 to get it cheaper and be sure to visit our site frequently for all the spoilers and promos for Loot Crates. With every crate you can expect 4 awesome items that are valued more than 45$ and are autehntic, licensed and exclusive. Loot Crate also ships worldwide! OK, let’s get to reviewing!

Head’s up – there is no more booklet! The only thing we get now is a simple card with information. If you liked the booklet you can still get the digital version of the magazine.

1. Pin

Like every month, this also had a pin to accompany the Explore theme – rocket ship. It always features the digital bonus and the rocket ship contains of 3-month subscription to Pandora Premium.

2. Destiny T-Shirt

It features one of the Ships from the game. It looks pretty cool and it is a good quality shirt.

3. Mystery item

Spoilers said that this crate will feature a mystery franchise, but they failed to mention that it’d be an item from previous loot crates – loot gaming, anime, marvel gear and so on. This is a Loot Anime item – ROBOTECH LED Light.

4. Exclusive Star Wars Graphic Novel

This is said to be an exclusive to Loot Crate but also might be just an early release. It features a short story surrounding a downed Star Destroyer that Rey is scavenging. Cool item for all the Star Wars fans but I was expecting some cool figure to be honest.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Mini Calendar

The last item is a 16 – month calendar for 2018 featuring GotG franchise. It looks cool and it is said to be a “Loot Crate Edition”.

My opinion

I always expected Loot Crates to feature figurines from various franchises and for me they were the best items pretty much – looks great on a shelf and they are nice for collectors. But this month, we did not get one and I am dissapointed very much. For me, this box was a huge letdown and I home it is just a misstep for Loot Crate and not a new trend. Also, I do not like the fact that the new boxes do not invert into anything special like they did in the past.

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