Loot Crate Subscription Crate September Review

First off, remember that you can get mont-to-month 3$ off with the code SAVE3
This is a tradition that every box turns into something cool. This month’s box turns into a cereal box which for me was super cool and original.

1. Information booklet

Just like always, in this box also there was an information booklet with stories, interviews and information about this month’s items.

2. Pin

Like every month – we got a theme based pin. It is robotic and looks really good. Every Pin grants you a code with something cool to unlock. Robotic pins gives you a 3-month digital subscription to Servo magazine:

3. Blade Runner 2049 T-Shirt

Shirt features the upcoming sequel to sci-fi classic – Blade Runner: 2049. It is especially cool cause you can wear it to the opening night, but be careful! It glows in the dark!

4. Aliens Mini Figure

This is super cool figurine featuring one of the best scenes from the all-time classic Aliens. It is titled “Queen Takes Bishop”. It is about 3 inches tall, details are good and it is a loot crate exclusive stuff (so probably it will be better valued for collectors).

5. R2-D2 IncrediBuild

This is my favourite item in this month’s box – IncrediBuilds Star Wars set. You get to build your own wood R2-D2. Instructions are included and a book with our little hero adventures. It takes about 30 minutes to build and you can also paint it by yourself. It is about 4.5 inches tall.

6. Star Trek: TNG Mirror Broken Comic

A 100% exclusive comic that is available only via Loot Crate. It follows the origin of Data. Interesting comic with great lines that you should read even if you are not into comics or Star Trek.

I think that it was a great month for every geek. We got cool IncrediBuild with R2-D2 and an awesome little figurine. The comic is cool and the T-Shirt is definetely nice and can be worn everywhere. Once again, if you want to subscribe to the LootCrate you can do it by clicking THIS link.