The month’s theme was “Boss Battle”. Every Loot Gaming costs 28,95$ plus 5$ shipping but if you use code SAVE3, you can get 3$ off your first box. Every Loot Crate consists of 4-6 items such as wearables and many collectables exclusives. Loot Crate ships WORLDWIDE!

  1. Sonic The Hedgehog poster – 28×22

  1. Chaos Emerald Pin – fantastic looking pin. There are 7 different Chaos Emerald pin colors.

  1. Conker’s Badr Fur Day Shirt – every Nintendo64 fan will surely appreciate this cool loking shirt

  1. Dr. Eggman Vinyl Figure – Fantastic figure, highly detailed and beautifully painted.

  1. Earthworm Jim Lunchbox – pretty cool looking lunchbox

  1. Super Mario Power Up Coasters

My opinion: I still have the most dissapointing box from Loot Crate in the back of my mind, so I am extremelly happy that we’ve got such an awesome box. The figure is probably the best but I pretty much always say it since I love to put them on the shelves. T-shirt is well mage as always and the Lunchbox is pretty cool. I think that the second favorite thing in this box for me is the Emerald Pin. It looks absolutely stunning and brings back so many memories. What do you think about January Box?

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