The theme for the Loot Crate December 2017 is Stealth. If you want to give Loot Crate a try or you just want to place the new order this is the best time, because FOR A LIMITED TIME, COUPON LIFEISCRATE SAVES YOU 30% OFF ANY 3, 6, 12-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION! You can order it HERE. You can order Stalth crate only till 12/27. It will include items from Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Metal Gear Solid, Blizzard’s Cute But Deadly, Magic: The Gathering! You can also use code SAVE3 to save $3 dollars of any crate, even for one month.

So far we know about two items that will be included in every crate. The first item is EXCLUSIVE METAL GEAR SOLID HAT.

The second item is the exclusive Bayek and Senu figure from Assassin’s Creed Origins. Here’s a better look at it: