Loot Pets for October was themed Mythical and focused around dog toys, treats and gear. You can order the Loot Pets for $19.99 a month but you can get it cheaper with the code SAVE3. They ship worldwide so if you want to give your dog a nice present, this is the way to go for sure. Check out what you could’ve found in the box for October 2017.

So, for startes, there was a treat for your dog – Loot Pets Peanut Butter Cookie, so you are pretty much sure that your dog will love such an amazing treat!

Winter is around the corner so it is nice to make your dog feel a bit warmer, and you can do it for sure with this epic Ghostbusters themed shirt. It looks amazing and I bet your dog will love it!

And if the shirt was not enough for you, there is another thing, that for me is the best in this Loot Pets box. Ghostbusters Collar! It looks absolutely amazing! It has a caution design from the doors of the classic Ghostbusters ghost trap and the oldschool logo! It is fantastic.

Slimer Collar Light to go in pair with this epic collar. It surely is nice when you go for a walk with your dog at night. It is a bit larger than a bottle cap so there will be no problems with attaching it to the collar.

For me, this was an amazing Loot Pets, since I am a huge fan of the Ghostbusters movies (old ones, duh!) but I think that even if you are not a big fan of this franchise you still like the box!

You can order Loot Pets for November and save 3 dollars HERE.


photos credits – mysubscriptionaddiction.com