Geek Fuel March 2017

As we all know Geek Fuel does not have the month themes. So we can’t be sure what we get. Of course we can check out few brands that will be featuring but that is all. So let’s see what we got in Geek Fuel in March.

  1. GeekFuel Magazine

Standard stuff, with some stories, information about this box and prize winners.

  1. T-Shirt

In March we got Guardians of the Galaxy T-Shirt featuring Groot and Rocket. It is pretty sweet graphic that is very original. Great Shirt to get to a sequel movie premiere too for sure! Also as always, good materials so it is worth the prize. We can expect more Guardians of the Galaxy stuff in the coming months since soon the sequel will hit the cinemas.

  1. Magical Elixir Lamp

A potion look-a-like. Base of the lamp has a LED light in the middle so we know that it will last for a while which is always cool. The LED light circles through different colors on its own and it truly is an amazing addition to your room that will look nice on the shelf or on your desk. Cool thing to show to your friends for sure!

  1. Power Ragners Pin

Pin from Power Rangers. Of course it is a reference to a new movie that hit cinemas in March. Nice looking thing that collectors will surely appreciate.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Print

Geek Fuel exclusive item. Another thing from GotG. Cool poster for sure to hang on the wall or doors. 500 lucky subscribers got the galactic green variant that was limited to only 500 copies.

  1. Starward Rogue Steam Game

Retro space game that fans will surely want to play. Not for everybody for sure. Check out trailer below.

If you like to subscribe to GeekFuel, you can do it by clicking the button below. Also you will get $3 off your first month + bonus items once you buy the longer length subscriptions.