The theme was “Quirtky”, and you might already know some of the items inside thanks to our spoiler for this Loot Anime. The box cos $28,95 per month. You can save $3 off month-to-month wit coupon code SAVE3. Loot Crate ships pretty much everywhere so do not worry if you live outside America. Most, if not all, the items in Loot Crate boxes are exclusive.

1. Poster

Like in every box, this also had a poster with an info card on the other side. It was inspired by Konosuba!

2. Pop Team Epic T-Shirt

This one is 100% cotton with a characters from the anime. It is blue and looks kind of cool, but probably it is rather ment for women than men as I imagine some people might get the wrong impression seeing you wearing it.

3. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World Pillow

This is the best item in the box for me. It is about 11.5″ square with smooth finish. It is made 100% out of polyester fabric. It features characters we all know and love. Very nice.

4. Pikotaro Handkerchief

When you first look at it, you think – “wait, I know this guy from somewhere”. Does it remind you of the “Pineapple Pen” guy? The handkerchief is about 8″ square and is very smooth. It will look amazing in less-official events where you can pack it into a jacket pocket.

5. Delicious Dungeon Pin

I like the design, it really looks like a cover of a manga. Pretty cool thing to have in your collection of various pins from Loot Crates.

6. Loot Crate Edition Baccano! Manga Vol. 1

Nice, exclusive edition of Baccano! manga just for Looters. It also features a bonus chapter from the author’s new work!

My opinion: This box is all right. I love the pillow, handkerchief, the pin and the manga. The only thing I am not the biggest fan is the T-Shirt as I do not think I have so much strenght to wear it in public. But it can always be a nice gift for your girlfriend or sister.

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