April’s theme was Artifacts. It featured items from Marvel, Legend of Zelda, The Dark Crystal and Lord of the Rings. While this box is not longer avaiable to order you can still get the next ones here – LOOTBOX. You can also use coupon SAVE3 to get 3 dollars off of your first box. But let’s get back to the reviewing.

1. Loot Pin

It is nice Calice PIn that like always, features digital bonuses -A Avengers and a Thanos comics!

2. Thanos T-Shirt

T-shirt with the art of JO3BOT that features MARVEL’s Thanos. I am not a huge fan of this design.

3. Loot Crate Edition: Lord of the Rings Weta Mini Epics: Frodo with Sting

It is about 4.5 inches tall and the quality is amazing. The non-exclusive Frodo figurine is worth $30 dollars so this one is probably gonna be worth more.

4. Legend of Zelda Map of Hyrule

Maps comes protected in a tube and ready to be put up. It is very detailed and looks nice. Certainly an amazing thing to have if you are a Zelda fan.

5. The Dark Crystal Notecards

The last item in the box is a set of 6 notecards that feature art from The Dark Crystal.

Final thoughts:

I like this box, it is not the best and certainly not better than the last month’s but it is still pretty cool. I love the Zelda map and the Frodo figure – it is very detailed and just looks amazing. I do not care about the notecards and the T-Shirt is not my style. I like the digital comics!

What are you thoughts about this box?