This month’s theme was “Role Models?” – but it turned out to be fully Deadpool box! And this is extremely cool! The Loot Crate DX costs $49,99 and it ships pretty much worldwide. You can save $3 off your crate with a code SAVE3. Every month there is one lucky guy who gets a Mega Crate and if you were to win this month – you would get a private Deadpool 2 screening!

1. Taco Pin

Deadpool is known from his love to chimichangas and tacos, so this is pretty nice.

2. Deadpool Raglan

I love this shirt! It features a cartoon version of Deadpool. Simply amazing. Fabric is great, the print is also amazing.

3. Deadpool PopTaters

PopTater figure of Deadpool is probably the best item in the box alongside the shirt. It is an exclusive one so that is also a plus.

4. Deadpool: Drawing The Merc With A Mouth Book

The insights edition book featuring Deadpool. It has a hardvocer. The stuff in it is pretty amazing and really fits the Deadpool franchise.

5. Deadpool Hat

The next item is a hat with a cute Deadpool on it. Kawaii Deadpool is pulled from the comic recap from his line. I do not wear hats so this is not my kind of an item, but still it looks cool.

6. Deadpool 2 Print

The last item in the box is a print. A cool movie poster. I like it but they also gave us these prints on the premiere screening so I am not that excited about it.

My opinion: I love this box. Amazing items, I love them all. This is THE box for me if we count the 2018. What do you guys think? Also, remember that you can get $3 with a code SAVE3.