Loot Crate DX theme for March 2018 was Playback. It featured items from Pac-Man, Back to the Future, Batman, Activision – and a bonus item – a copy of Ready Player One. Like always, this one also comes with a fold-out information card with betails about the box. You can order this box or any other Loot Crate with a code SAVE3 to save $3 dollars off your order.

1. Activision Pin Set

Really cool looking pins and a nice addition to my pin collection.

2. Pac-Man T-shirt

This is an amazing shirt and it not only features and epic old-school game Pac-Man but also the kill screen glitch on the 256th board of the original Pac-Man cabinet. You can see the movie with the glich below:

3. Pac-Man Throw

The hero item of this box is the 60×45 fleece blanket. It has an original graphic design that I am not a huge fan of to be honest.

4. Flux Capacitor Collapsible Duffel

It is a Back to the Fuuter item and a really cool collapsible duffel bag. When collapsed it looks like the Flux Capacitor, but once you open it up it folds out into a Delorean-patterned duffel. A really cool and original item for sure.

5. Batman and Robin Bendable Figures

Nice figures of the old-school Batman and Robin. You can bend them to make them in different poses. I loved the Batman: The Animated Series and these figurines have some nostalgic feel for me.

6. Ready Player One

A copy of Ready Player One book. A really good book that Spielberg bought the rights to put on screen before it was even released.

Final opinion: For me it was a nice box, not the best for sure but a solid one. I loved the Figures and a Pac-Man Shirt. I am not a huge fan of the blanket. The Pins are nice and the book is a nice addition that I will for sure read.