LootCrate March 2017 Primal Subscription Box review

The LootCrate for March was pretty fantastic but we could’ve expected that once we heard that the topic is “PRIMAL”. So without further a-do let’s get to the things that we got from this box.

  1. Overall picture
    loot crate march 2017
  2. T-Shirt with Winston from the game Overwatch

I personally love the T-shirts from LootCrate. The materials are great and the design always pleasantly surprises me. And this time was no different. I absolutely love this shirt. And we get one of the better Overwatch characters – Winston in his Primal Rage ( you know he’s angry when the glasses comes off).

  1. Predator Bottle Opener

I am a huge fan of the old Predator movies so this was a great surprise. And this is not only cool looking but also practical, since everyone likes to get a beer or Coke once in a while. Cool thing to show at parties also.

  1. Die Cast Metal X-Men Logan Wolverine Figure

Of course the X-Men Figure is connected to the recently released amazing movie – “Logan” (if you did not see it yet, check it out ASAP since its AWESOME!). It is a cool loking figurine but not the best we got. Also, if you were lucky you could’ve get Old Man Logan figure or Raw Adamantium Logan.

  1. Jurassic World Warning Sign

Cool looking thing that you can put on your doors. Nicely done and cool addition to every room.

  1. Primal Pin

Well, like every month we got a pin. I know plenty of subsrcibers love to collect them. But they also come with free stuff – this time you can unlock Savage #1 and #2 comics.

  1. Primal Magazine

Standard magazine like every month. Cool thing if you like to go deeper or check out who won what but otherwise you probably will not read i.

  1. T-Rex Box Figure

LootCrate always makes their subscription boxes based on a theme that you can later put on the shelf. This time was no different and we got a T-Rex box.

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