Loot Crate September 2017 theme is Robotic

Whether they beep or speak, many of our favorite characters are ROBOTIC! Review Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws because September’s crate is packed with items featuring some of the most famous artificial lifeforms in pop culture!
ROBOTIC Ends 9/19 at 9pm PT

So, you can expect items from franchises such as Blade Runner 2049, Aliens (oh yeah!), Star Trek: Mirror Universe.

And, another cool thing, if you did not sign up yet, you can use the code SAVE3 that allows you to save 3$ off the first Loot Crate Box. You can also use the code ADDICTION to save 10$ off any lenfth subscription!

Loot Crate DX and Loot Pets

Loot Pets Box will also feature sci-fi items but only from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Loot Crate DX will have some cool items from Power Rangers, Aliens and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

What do you expect to be included in the new epic crates? I for one, would love to see some Aliens figurine, since I am a huge Alien fan, but some Star Trek ship figurine would also make my day. Give us your ideas about what should be in the Septembers Loot Crate. We would love to hear your opinions!