The theme for Loot Crate March’s box was Playback. You can save $3 off any month-to-month with a code SAVE3.

As the Playback theme suggested, we got some oldschool stuff in this box from franchises such as Sonic, Dungeons & Dragons, Galaga, The Simpsons and Back to the Future.

1. Galaga Pin

Like every month this also has a cool Pin taht features a classic starfighter from Galaga. All the pins have some hidden items that you can unlock on the Loot Crate site. This months were 2 Comics – Centipede #1 and Swordquest #1.

2. Back to the Future T-shirt

Shirt features design schematics for the best car in the world! And by that I mean Doc’s Deloreon. This is a cool shirt for every Back to the Future fan and I am for sure gonna wear that! Only thing that I do not like is that the image is on the center, I would like it to be on most of the front side of the shirt, but it is cool anyway.

3. Sonic Vinyl Figure

From the Sega’s classic – Sonic we have a cool looking collectible. It has this old-school feel to it and I absolutely love it on my “Loot Crate” shelf.

4. Dungeons & Dragons Die Holder

This is an exclusive Loto Crate item. I am not much of a D&D player but this item is absolutely amazing! I am hoping for more die holders in the future because it really looks great and let’s be honest, you do not have to use it only for D&D.

5. Kidrobot The Simpsons 25th Anniversary Keychain

The last item from the bbox is the only non-exclusive one. It is a blindbox Kidrobot keychain from the Simpsons. There are plenty of keychains that you can get so if you did, do not forget to share it with us!

Final opinion: I loved this Loot Crate. All the items were spot-on for me. Fantastic shirt from one of my favorite movies, amazing die holder and a great Sonic figurine. The keychain is cool too. Be careful though! The shirts sizing is a recuring issue for Loot Crate shirts so check carefully what size you want to get.


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