The theme for November Loot Crate was Unite 2.0. It featured franchises such as Power Rangers, Voltron, Overwatch. If you missed this box but want to give Loot Crate a shot and order new ones, use the code SAVE3 to get it cheaper and be sure to visit our site frequently for all the spoilers and promos for Loot Crates. With every crate you can expect 4 awesome items that are valued more than 45$ and are autehntic, licensed and exclusive. Loot Crate also ships worldwide! OK, let’s get to reviewing!

1. Exclusive POP from Overwatch! The exclusiveness of this POP comes in costume and it will surely be worth much more in near future so it is an amazing thing to resell later or to collect! It is very pretty also.

2. Booklet – like in every other box this one also contains booklet with descriptions of the items and pictures of other Looters. Always a cool thing to check out.

3. Unite 2.0. Pin – Really cool pin with an awesome bonus! You need to know that every pin contains a unlockable content and this month’s DLC is the FULL SEASON 1 OF BATMAN THE TELLTALE SERIES. This is extremely cool! Great game with awesome story that every Bat fan will surely love!

4. Voltron Shirt – this month’s exclusive shirt is Voltron themed. Nice old-school design that I personally really like!

5. Power Rangers Mini-Figure – a nice addition and a Loot Crate designed exclusive so you might expect the prices on Ebay to go up in future for this. Also if you collect them all, you can link them up with the bases and I am sure that the rest of the Rangers you will be able to buy from Loot Vault in the future.

6. The Brave and The Bold #28 Reprint – a Justice League classic comic with the Certificate of Authenticity so it might have some value in the future!

My opinion: I honestly think that this one is a very solid Crate. I love that they managed to sneak Telltale’s Batman in the Pin. I love how the POP figure looks and I am quite sure that this one will look amazing with all the other POP’s. The T-Shirt looks pretty cool as I like the old-school designs. Power Ranger figure is OK, nothing amazing but still a nice thing to put on a shelf. And what do you think about Unite 2.0. Loot Crate?