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It is relatively new concept that evolved in the last two years in a pretty big market. And this should be the first big plus in your list of pros and cons about whether you should buy the monthly subscription boxes. Why? Because the growth of the market means that the customers are happy with the products and still subscribe and recommend them to other people. And it all started with the geek crate or gamer crate. People who are passionate about gaming industry came up with the idea of gamer crate that will contain collectible, exclusive items from the gaming franchises that millions of people fell in love with. With time, subscription crates became much more and expanded also to offer movie items, or for example anime crate. These subscription boxes are often called a “geek monthly subscription” or even “monthly boxes for nerds”. But no one should feel offended since nerd is not consider offensive expression for most of geeks. Many people uses these subscription crates as gift box for men or women that are into the gaming, movies or anime.

Monthly crate boxes

Who should get them?

Like I said earlier. If you are passionate about gaming, movies, tv shows or anime and you love to collect stuff that looks great on the shelf and can be very useful then this is made for you! Monthly subscription boxes contain from three to six or seven items. Every geek crate contains different items and monthly loot boxes are themed differently. Of course you can check out the monthly loot boxes themes at the sellers sites, for example – Loot Crate, ZBOX, Geek Fuel. Every subscription crates are different and you can also choose from different variants if you prefer the standard subscription crate or if you prefer more expensive monthly crate boxes with better items. The decision is up to you.


Loot Crate Monthly Subscription Boxes


One of the first companies that started the monthly subscription crates sale. They offer standard subscription boxes with new themes every month. On their site you can check out which franchises are features each month and if you feel like you need more goodies you should check out bigger monthly crate that is called Loot Crate DX. It is slightly more expensive but still very much worth it. If you look for monthly anime crates you also came to the right place because Loot Crate offers monthly mystery boxes of your favorite anime and manga. They also offer monthly gamer crates that every geek should check out. With different gaming franchises each month you can gather some pretty unique and expensive collectable items that will surely look great! And if you are a pet person you will probably be most interested in their monthly mystery crates for pets that will be extremely useful for you as a pet owner but also look cool since they are the items from the movie, tv, gaming franchises that you love. Let’s be honest – who wouldn’t like some cool toy for their pet based on “Rick and Morty”? And if you are more into the practical stuff like clothes they offer five different subscription boxes that contain: socks, underwear, t-shirts, wearables and if you searching for a subscription box for women you can check out their latest crate called “Loot for Her”.


Geek Fuel Monthly Geek Subscription Box for Gamers and Nerds


Geek Fuel is considered by many one of the best monthly subscription boxes and you really should check it out. The prizes are low and what is even cooler – you get 3 dollars off for your first order and you can order monthly plan, 3, 6, 12 months plan. Just like in the Loot Crate you also get the geek crate with new theme each month. Every crate contains 5 to 8 items. And that could be all from household goods, toys and collectables, wearables, everyday essential items, downloadable video games, to comic and books. You can get exclusive items that cannot be bought anywhere else so this is also cool. Every monthly crate contains items from different brands such as DC, Marvel, Star Wars and many, many more. So if you are a geek in search for some cool stuff – just get it!

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